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Rise Of a viking

, Rise Of A Viking, West One Entertainment
  • Title: Rise of a Viking
  • Log Line: In 650 AD, Viking warrior Olaf defies his father, Earl Jora, and leads rival clans on a treacherous expedition across the Scottish Highlands and Norwegian fjords. Battling inner demons and vengeful foes, Olaf must complete his first epic raiding campaign to secure his noble claim and prove his worthiness as the rightful heir to lordship
  • Format: Short Film
  • Genre: Historical Drama
  • Duration: 25 Minutes
  • Producer(s): Glen Kirby, Roy Calver, Hayley Smith, Steve Trotter, Jed Tune, Samuel Victor.
  • Writer(s):  Jed Tune
  • Director: Glen Kirby, Jed Tune
  • Cast: Jon Campling, Henry Douthwaite, Rita Rammani
  • Links: IMDB

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