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roman man in action with sword part of movie called caledonia on imdb
  • Title: Caledonia
  • Log Line: Ancient Caledonia 210AD. A young Roman Soldier is the lone survivor of a brutal shipwreck. He is injured and broken but not alone. The savage Pict inhabitants ensnare him in their gruesome blood sport, unflinching and persevering he will do anything to make it back to his beloved. throughout his perilous and unsettling journey he finds hope in the most unexpected of places.
  • Format: Feature Film
  • Genre: Period Action Adventure
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Producer(s): Glen Kirby
  • Writer(s): Thomas Beatty and Elijah Rowen
  • Director: Glen Kirby
  • Cast: Elijah Rowen, Jack McEvoy, Thomas Beatty and Eloise Lovell Anderson.
  • Links: IMDB
  • Available: Coming Soon

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